6 errores habituales sobre RR.PP.

En apariencia no tienen especial relevancia. En realidad esos “mitos” o errores habituales sobre la naturaleza de las profesiones de relaciones públicas tienen mucha relevancia.

La breve descripción de Dorothy Crenshaw ( 6 PR Myths Smart Marketers Must Douse) permite caer en la cuenta de algunas confusiones que es mejor evitar.


If “Mad Men” depicts the golden age of advertising, we just might be living through a similar era for public relations.

Not since the World War II propaganda machine launched today’s mega-firms has PR been more respected as a key ingredient in the marketing mix. And it’s not just press agentry, or publicity stunts.

Marketers in particular understand and appreciate what PR brings to the table.  Except when they don’t.

Last week a client, the CEO of a web-based company who came up through the marketing ranks, told me he’s always thought of PR as “the cheapest form of advertising.” It was a compliment about our results, but I hope he didn’t mean it too literally.

Misconceptions about PR linger even among seasoned and sophisticated marketers.

Here, then, are six myths that persist about public relations, and my perspective on each.



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