Nearly 60% of press articles derive all or most of content from PR material

With research conducted at Cardiff University confirming that the quality of traditional reporting has declined, is live-blogging another symptom of this decline or a savoir of quality reporting? 

The study, which traces sources of stories to reveal whether news comes from “pre-packaged” sources, showed that nearly 60% of press articles derive all or most of content from PR material or wire services. The forecast is even worse for health reporting, which is especially prone to being influenced by PR. The same study found that 19% of newspaper stories on healthcare were verifiably derived mainly from only PR material. The lack of originality in health care journalism puts The Guardian’s experiment in a different light. 

The “live-blogging” experiment has another value that Davis forgot – it goes beyond regurgitating press releases. The blog added another dimension to health care coverage, and the daily updates allowed for many players to comment on the health care debates – from doctors to professors to politicians. Although live-blogging is a relatively new phenomenon, it has an important value for journalism. It may not be long-form analysis, but it is still a component of reporting that engages readers and sheds light on issues as they unfold.  

Aunque el artículo de Florence Pichon básicamente trata de la seriedad periodística del “blogging” en directo (“Is live-blogging serious journalism?”), el aspecto recogido es el que figura en el titular de esta anotación.

Por otra parte, la seriedad del periodismo no depende de si se trata de “direct blogging” u otro formato. En principio entiendo que dependerá de la misma seriedad profesional de quien lo haga.



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