Mercatornet: Don’t tell the BBC, but there’s over a million young Catholics in Madrid right now having a good time with the Pope

There’s a fantastic get-together going on in Madrid right
now between Pope Benedict XVI and hordes of young Catholics from around Spain
and the world, but you would hardly know it from the mainstream media. The news
outlets have condescendingly left the best lines to their bloggers.

At the Guardian Andrew
took a potshot at a BBC news bulletin for reporting protests against
the Pope’s visit — ostensibly because of its cost — but never once mentioning
World Youth Day itself, which has brought an estimated 1.5 million young people
to greet and listen to their spiritual father.

The ability of mainstream Christianity to attract a youthful
crowd of that size was “a damn sight more newsworthy”, said Brown, than a
predictable demonstration of a few thousand secularists, feminists, gays and others
against the Pope. The Huffington Post, to its credit, has a young Jesuit, Michael
, blogging enthusiastically on events in Madrid.

Happily, no-one depends these days on commercial media to
find the good stuff that is happening around the world — nor the bad, as the
use of Facebook and Twitter in the British riots two weeks ago showed. This
week those iconic social networking brands are showing their worth by facilitating
a great faith-inspired love-in that has given birth to countless FB pages,
Tweets and blogs. It even has its own smartphone app that keeps users up-to-date
with all of the events during the week and provides access to news, online TV,
weather reports and the website Twitter.

“There’s even a virtual bell that users are encouraged to
activate, that will chime in unison with church bells that will herald the
pope’s arrival in Madrid,” reports
Deutsche Welle.

No hay peores sordos que quienes no quieren enterarse de algo, incluso cuando tienen obligación y compromiso profesional de hacerlo…



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